What innovative initiative would you like to implement in your teaching ?
What teaching practice would inspire students and support learning?

The Teaching & Learning Innovation Fund supports faculty through a one-section release to develop, disseminate, and implement innovative practices and approaches to teaching and learning that advance Capilano’s mandate as a teaching-focused university.
The Teaching & Learning Innovation Fund is available to all current full-time and part-time faculty.
Evaluation Criteria:
Impact of the proposed initiative on teaching and student learning at CapU
Degree of innovation
Transferability to other courses/instructors and/or programs
Sustainability of the initiative

Requirements of Recipients:
Attend kick-off meeting in September 2019
Submit a progress report by December 15, 2019
Submit a final report by April 30, 2020
Prepare materials to disseminate to faculty at Capilano
Present at the annual Teaching and Learning Symposium, May 4-8, 2020
Acknowledge funding support from the CTE on the dissemination of material related to the initiative
Agree to have their name, along with the description of their initiative shared on the CTE website and/or other publications

Submission Process:
A proposal (maximum 5 pages) should include the following:

  • Name and department
  • Rational for initiative including how it advances teaching and learning at Capilano
  • Description of what makes the initiative innovative
  • Outcomes (what will the project achieve?
  • Timelines
  • Plan for evaluating impact on learning
  • Potential benefits to other faculty and/or departments and/or students immediately and long term

Proposals due May 28 th. Adjudication decisions will be made by May 31st .
Email proposals to cte@capilanou.ca