The Decolonizing Wellspring: A good beginning to becoming UN-settled.

A workshop series facilitated by Jessica Motherwell McFarlane focused on pampering tired educators, RE-story-ing the academy, and UN-settling our minds and hearts.

Facilitated by Jessica Motherwell McFarlane,

Register by email–– or call 604-980-0160.

Two creative, fun, settler-lead workshop series designed to nourish hearts and UN-settle minds.

Series #1- Visually recording — through stick figure comics — our experiences with the “Decolonize First” workbook. Join us in visually recording — using simple stick figure images — our ‘ah-ha’ moments, burning questions, and other experiences as we journey page-by-page through this inspiring decolonization workbook. Eight sessions. Tuesdays at 4-5pm from Oct 11-Nov 29. Workbook. Decolonize First: A liberating guide and workbook for peeling back the layers on neocolonialism by Ta7taliya Michelle Lorna Nahanee. Cost of the workbook will be covered by CapU CTE for all registrants. Maximum 12 participants.

Series #2 – The UN-settling Lab. Season 1: Showing the invisibles. Join us for this fun, sometimes mind-bending, evidence-based exploration of how colonial stories and systems determine how we experience — and more importantly do NOT experience — the world around us. During this series we will RE-story our personal and professional lives through creating comics, challenging our memory and oral story-telling skills, and applying non-colonial wisdoms and theories to our professional work. How might our experience in education improve as we remove colonial-based harm? Six sessions. Fridays at 4-5pm from Oct 14-Nov 25. (except Nov 11 holiday). Maximum 12 participants.