H5P is a free, versatile, open source authoring tool integrated with eLearn that allows you to quickly create, share and reuse a wide variety of interactive and engaging learning activities. Pre-built interactivities such as drag and drop, hot spots, fill in the blanks or more complex interactions such as branched scenarios and interactive videos create opportunities for students to rehearse their knowledge and decision-making in engaging ways while instructors track their progress. The activities are fully responsive, which makes them accessible to students using mobile devices. 

Here are a few examples of what you can do with H5P:

Simple Drag and DropMultiple Choice and Fill in the Blank activities are easy to create and provide students with an opportunity to practice retrieving definitions and terminology. This example provides a review of terminology for rainwater harvesting:

Land-based Rainwater Harvesting Quiz – RUVIVAL Toolbox

Course Presentation is a series of slides that can include audio, video, questions and links. Here is an example using multiple choice questions, audio clips and embedded video:

Soil – Water & Food Security, Part 1: Soil Health – A Foundation for our Survival – RUVIVAL

Branching scenarios can be a powerful tool for rehearsing decision-making. Here is a scenario based on a home visit by a community nurse, developed by Toronto Metropolitan University. 

Branching Scenario | H5P

and another scenario developed for Early Childhood Education training.

ECE and Parent/Guardian Communication: Informal Scenario | eCampusOntario H5P Studio

In addition to creating your own H5P interactive learning content, there are open source repositories of learning activities created in H5P and licensed under Creative Commons for re-use including:

Check out the Introduction to eLearn site on eLearn (available on your dashboard) for step by step instructions on how to add existing H5P to your course as well as instructions for creating your own interactive learning content

To learn more about the activities available, go to H5P.org and browse the content types. These tutorials will walk you through the process of creating each activity. 

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