We are pleased to announce that Lucas Wright, Senior Education Consultant, UBC will facilitate an exciting and  practical session on the last day of the 2024 Teaching and Learning Symposium with the title: Nurturing Learning and Enhancing Teaching with Generative AI: Prompt Writing and GenAI-Enhanced Assignments for Creativity & Critical Thinking 

Join this workshop designed to empower faculty with the skills to seamlessly integrate Generative AI into teaching. Lucas will inspire and equip participants to leverage GenAI to engage students and enhance educational practices and outcomes through hands-on activities and demonstrations. Explore crafting prompts, assignments, and teaching resources tailored to across various disciplines, while addressing ethical considerations for responsible AI use. Walk away with a solid foundation for applying GenAI in your courses and teaching practice. 

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Effectively integrate Generative AI tools into teaching and learning to enhance learning outcomes and student engagement. 
  • Practice using GenAI to create on-demand, teaching resources tailored to diverse student needs. 
  • Explore ethical considerations in using Generative AI, focusing on responsible use in teaching. 
  • Craft effective prompts and GenAI-enhanced assignments that stimulate critical thinking and creativity. 

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About Lucas Wright, MEd 

As a Senior Education Consultant at The University of British Columbia (UBC), my career has spanned over 14 years, during which I have been deeply committed to fostering excellence in teaching and learning across a variety of roles. Holding a Master of Education in Adult Education from UBC, complemented by certifications in digital storytelling, instructional skills, and online learning, I specialize in learning technology, design, facilitation, and the application of Generative AI. 

My mission is to elevate the teaching and learning experience within higher education, harnessing my profound understanding of educational technology. I am particularly focused on the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), leveraging it to create dynamic, engaging, and innovative learning environments.  

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