When students feel a sense of community in the classroom, they are more likely to take ownership for their own learning and feel more motivated. The Community of Inquiry Framework (COI) provides a useful guide for developing community in your course. 

The COI framework encourages us to ask: How will students interact with the instructor, the class material or content, and each other in order to meet the course’s objectives? 

Here are some first-week activities to get you started!   


How will you get to know your students and remember who is who? Some instructors annotate the class list as students introduce themselves, others ask them to create name tags or to upload their pictures to Moodle. 

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Icebreakers can be an important part of the first day of class. Try Impromptu Networking , or check out these 12 Icebreakers for the College Classroom or this list of examples and ideas: Breaking the Ice with Students . 



Traditional, pods, horseshoe? How you set up the furniture in the class room matters and the seating arrangement can significantly influence the learning environment. You need to consider what works best for you. 

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