Welcome back!

This summer, IT department added a new feature to several classrooms at the CapU Main campus – wireless projection using VIA. With this feature you will be able to use your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to connect wirelessly to the room’s data projector. This allows you to move freely around the classroom while maintaining control over what you are projecting.

Get started: Find step-by-step instructions for this new wireless projection, as well as instructions for using other classroom media devices posted on each teaching podium. In addition to wireless projection, you can still use the existing podium computers, or connect your device with VGA cables available at each podium. (HDMI connections will be available in October).

Training : Attend drop-in training on August 30 from 10:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. in BR210 . A second date will be scheduled in September and user guides will be made available on the website. Please watch your email and Frontlines, In the Loop for links and training invitations. 

The following rooms are now equipped with wireless data projection:


  • AR201 (HDMI connectivity available now)
  • AR315 


  • BC031


  • BR265
  • BR342


  • CE224
  • CE237


  • DW116


  • FR110 (HDMI connectivity available now)
  • FR112 (HDMI connectivity available now)
  • FR205
  • FR207
  • FR211
  • FR215


  • LB196
  • LB214
  • LB216
  • LB217
  • LB302
  • LB306
  • LB309

If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact IT Services .

Cristian Toma
Manager, Client Services & Deployment, IT Services