Brit Paris, Director, Teaching and Learning, invites you to join the first Let’s Talk Teaching and Learning series focused on Generative AI and its potential impacts on teaching and learning.

Session 1: ChatGPT – Friend or Foe?
Feb 9th 1-2:30pm on Zoom
Passcode: K?mjy!2Y
Join a panel of Students, Educational Developers and Educational Technology Specialists from the CTE to discuss ChatGPT. What can it do and what are its limitations? How it might impact teaching and learning at CapU?


Session 2: Reimaging Assessment in the era of ChatGPT

February 24th 10-11:30am on Zoom
Passcode: mM#%5$mW
Join instructors from across CapU as they share how they are reimagining their assessment practices in light of ChatGPT and AI. Bring your questions and get inspired!