A teaching portfolio is a collection of materials that document and reflect on an instructor’s teaching practices and achievements. It allows you to showcase your teaching skills and experience to potential employers, colleagues, and students as well as providing an opportunity for review and reflection to help you focus on the professional development that will have the greatest impact.

So, who are you as a teacher and how are you telling the world about the fantastic work you do?

Join us for the Teaching Portfolio workshop, a four-session component in the Certificate of Teaching and Learning. Beginning January 12th at 1:00pm-2:20pm (then recurring on Jan 17, 19 and 24) participants reflect on and explore their teaching and learning experiences, learn how to demonstrate their effectiveness as a teacher and identify their own learning edges. The goal is to develop a professional portfolio containing documents that reflect each person’s teaching experiences, classroom successes, feedback from students, and various experiments in their world of teaching and learning. In the workshop, we examine the purposes of having a teaching portfolio and the technical strategies that can be deployed to create an effective portfolio that curates all of your wonderful experiences.

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