H5P is a free, open source authoring tool integrated with eLearn that allows you to create, share and reuse a wide variety of interactive and engaging learning objects. These learning objects can be used to give students opportunities for formative assessment or to interact with course content in a different way using simple pre-built interactivities such as drag and drop, hot spots, fill in the blanks or more complex interactions such as branched scenarios. The activities can be graded or used as formative evaluations, to give students practice in retrieving and applying new skills and knowledge. 

With the addition of ChatGPT you can now create first drafts of these activities quickly and easily using and adapting a series of prompts created by h5p.org. The prompts allow you to quickly generate content with the H5P markup and copy and paste it into the authoring tool, ready for editing.

In addition to creating your own H5P interactive learning content, there are open source repositories of H5P objects licensed under Creative Commons for reuse including:

Catalogue of H5P Content | eCampusOntario H5P Studio

Discover | Learnful

The H5P OER HUB | H5P  (under construction)

Check out the Introduction to eLearn site on eLearn (available on your dashboard) for step by step instructions on how to add existing H5P to your course as well as instructions for creating your own interactive learning content.  The Educational Technology Specialists in the CTE can help get you started. Consultations | Centre for Teaching Excellence (capilanou.ca)