Sparkshops are on demand mobile mini-workshops, facilitated by CTE or a CTE faculty associate. Sparkshops take place during department meetings, faculty meetings or other teaching related gatherings. The intention of the Sparkshops is to stimulate exploration and departmental conversations around teaching and learning. Each session offers:
  • An introduction to a specific evidence-based instructional practice or teaching technique
  • Examples of applications in the classroom
  • Reflection on how and why to implement this technique
Current Sparkshop Topics Include:
    • Using Formative Assessment to Gauge Student Learning in the Classroom
    • Easy Active Learning Strategies
    • Rubrics in a Flash: A Tool for Students and Teachers
    • Engaging students with In-Class Online Quizzes
    • Virtual Coaching hours: An alternative to Traditional Office Hours
    • Powerful Questions for Deeper Thinking and Better Classroom Discussions
Click here to book a workshop for your next department meeting  While each of our Sparkhops above are designed with CapU faculty in mind, we would like to acknowledge Boise State University Center for Teaching and Learning as the inspirer and originator of the concept.

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