Academic Integrity Overview

What is it?

Academic Integrity refers to a commitment to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility, according to the International Center for Academic Integrity.

Why does it matter?

Research results indicate that academic integrity is a widespread concern in higher education. Surveys conducted in the United States between 2002 and 2015 indicate that 68% of undergraduate students admit to cheating on a written assignment or test with 53% of undergraduate students surveyed indicating that they had participated in some sort of serious cheating on written work.

How do I get started?

Prevention is your most powerful tool as an educator and here are some strategies to help with prevention:

How are instructors using it?

Instructions are becoming familiar with Capilano University’s Policy and Procedures (see links in next section) regarding Academic Integrity and requiring students to complete the Academic Integrity Module in eLearn.

Where can I go for a deeper dive?