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Instructional Skills Workshop

Aug 22-24, 2018                   8:30am-4:00pm

The Instructional Skills Workshop is an internationally recognized program designed to enhance teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. The ISW is an intensive 24 hour peer-based experiential workshop grounded in learning-centered instruction. During the workshop, participants design and deliver three 10 minute lessons and receive feedback from their peers in a supportive environment. Participants are provided with information on the theory and practice of teaching adult learners, writing learning objectives with accompanying lesson plans, techniques for encouraging active learning, and suggestions for evaluation of learning, and engage in reflective practice. The ISW counts as a three credit course in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP 3220: Delivery of Instruction).

Limited to 12 participants.

Register now by emailing cte@capilanou.ca

Moodle Practice Sessions For New Faculty

Tuesday, Aug 21, 2018    1:00-2:00pm
Friday, August 24, 2018 11:00am-noon
No need to sign up, just drop by!

Why use Moodle and how do you get started? Join us for some hands-on practice to explore basic tools and best practices.

You will:
• Log in to your course(s) and try some basic editing
• Discover formats, tools and features that work for your course(s)
• Explore simple ways Moodle could support your face-to-face lessons

These practice sessions are opportunities for new faculty with limited Moodle experience to get hands-on with their course shells on Moodle. For faculty with more experience using Moodle, please contact Al or Bettina for additional learning opportunities.

For more information bettinaboyle@capilanou.ca

Collegiality & Governance Workshop

Aug 28, 2018    1:00-3:00pm

This session will introduce a range of the most current practices in group dialogue and generative discussion (vs. debate), with tools to support effective, meaningful, governance and decision-making. Mark Friesen will begin by defining key indicators of generative dialogue in a group setting, followed by principles of group governance grounded in community impact, community benefit, and the public interest.

For more information cte@capilanou.ca

BC Campus
FLO MicroCourse – Creating and using rubrics

Sep 17–22, 2018                   Online 5 hours
Fees – FREE

Well-designed rubrics are very effective assessment tools. Create a rubric that will clarify course expectations, guide your learners, and assess their progress. Learn what goes into the process then DO IT. Facilitating Learning Online – MicroCourse is short, single-topic, hands-on/practical and free. In one week you will have an opportunity to dip into the FLO experience, and leave with something practical and useful for your own teaching practice.
Additional Time commitment:
Participants should expect to spend at least 5 hours for course activities during the week. Those with no prior online teaching and learning experience can expect to invest more time. Active participation will make this course successful for everyone!

For registration, go to https://proflearn.bccampus.ca/flo-micro-courses/

Faculty Mentoring Program

The faculty mentoring program supports faculty at all levels of experience and promotes an ongoing sense of community for faculty. Mentoring can focus on any aspect of professional activity from teaching-related activities (e.g., implementing new instructional activities, managing marking, flipped classrooms, blended learning, online learning) to program and curriculum development to scholarly inquiry and research. The mentoring program is geared towards the particular needs of the faculty member. Faculty requesting mentors are paired with experienced faculty.

*Application form for faculty wanting a mentor or willing to be a mentor available by emailing cte@capilanou.ca